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Meander No. 2

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by Teale Hatheway
48" x 36". 2023.
Acrylic, and 24k gold on raw canvas. Meander No. 2 is an ochre and pink architectural detail painting.

At first glance, the canvas welcomes us with a symphony of rich colors that evoke a sense of warmth and amusement. Earthy ochres and playful pinks lay the foundation, reminiscent of terracotta, bathed in a glowing, golden hour light. An element of a facade comes alive in sunbleached whites with intricate shadows and grooves, revealing the hands of skilled artisans who have left their mark on the architecture of time.

On closer viewing, the brushwork loosens into expressive strokes and shimmering details of gold leaf hint at the stories that lie within these time-tested structures. In this architectural painting, the loose brushwork and shimmering details of gold leaf create an otherworldly aura, blending reality and imagination, as though the memories of these spaces sway before our eyes.

Professionally mounted in a maple floating frame. This large painting ships professionally crated or boxed, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, proving your artwork’s origin, quality, and value. Shipping charges in excess of actual cost will be refunded to the buyer.

Processing time is approximately one week.

Teale Hatheway is a Los Angeles based artist known for her paintings and installations of architecture, street lights and ornamental details. Her work contemplates ideas of memory, experience and the soulful residue left behind as people inhabit, use and pass-through physical spaces. 




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